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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 17, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. first the weather we may want to start 1700 miles away. the worst weather although not raining yet, temperatures there 60°, cold front working through the st. louis metro area within the next three to four hours that will bring thunderstorms and breezy winds back home you can see live doppler 7 hd where nice and clear. beach day today, cold right now or cool in the 50s with the noon hour approaching the 60s, mid 70s this afternoon. evening nice and mild. temperatures dropping through the 60s around the bay, still cool, 50s, 70s and 80s by noon,
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mid 80s around the bay today, warmer than yesterday as much as 10° warmer than average. inland east bay get set for a couple of very hot days today, starting out cool, winds light, higher elevation northeast winds already that will bring you up to the low 90s today keeping heat throughout much of the evening in fact, much of the day tomorrow. this offshore event 24 to 30 hours, then big change for the weekend. good morning. >> san mateo bridge new problem eastbound flat section reports of overturned vehicle. blocking center lane there. eastbound direct of the san mateo bridge. elsewhere napa north 29 at first street accident off into the bushes debris in lanes. 23rd on-ramp to northbound 880 in oakland first reports of a stall. headed out at this hour, more crowded drive times 580 off the altamont highway 4
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westbound out of antioch and 80 east shore freeway into the macarthur maze. president obama and mitt romney will be back on the campaign trail today after fiery debate. the two walked on the stage last night at hofstra university and shook hands, after that the gloves came off. at times their exchanges were tense. stay with the abc7 morning news coming up 6:14 we go live to new york for a report on last night's debate. back here, police in east bay investigating wild carjacking that turned into a high speed chase and a crash in front of a popular restaurant. amy hollyfield joins us live from pittsburg with the latest. >> reporter: thank goodness for this tree that. is what kept the car from crashing into this i-hop in pittsburg last night.
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it ended here, but in started atw75çs a celia's restaurant in antioch where two people were assaulted by a man and woman. their car was stolen and then eventually the crash ended here at i-hop. police say they believe a man was responsible for the carjacking and they realized him after the scene of the i-hop crash. there were two other people in the car with him they don't think those two people were part of the carjacking. they are still looking for the woman who was part of that assault and the stealing of the car at celia's. what happened between celia's and i-hop eventful. police say the man crashed the stolen car, he got out, jumped into another car driven by someone else that's when they were chased by police and crashed into the i-hop in pittsburg the car that crashed in i-hop wasn't even the stolen one two cars, two crashes and four people involved. police are sorting out everyone's role.
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they say they feel certain that the man was to blame for the original crime and they say he has an extensive criminal history. as for the two beam beat up and whose car was -- two people beaten up and whose car was stolen they are hurt but will be okay. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. in morning major blow to oracle's sailing team, 72 foot catamaran designed for next year's america's cup sailing race capsized on san francisco bay yesterday. the boat flipped on its side near the golden gate bridge pieces of the boat were towed back to pier 80 overnight the team is figuring out how to repair it. katie marzullo is at the pier now she will have an update in the next half hour. investigators say last week's huge fire in san francisco's west portal neighborhood caused more than seven million dollars in damage to three buildings. investigators believe the fire started in a building that contained a wine shop and
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orthodontic's office. the flames spread to the squat and gobble cafe and two other build -- buildings. officials say the fire does not appear to be suspicious. do you remember where were you this day in 1989? northern californians are remembering the quake the day that shook the bay it hit after 5 p.m. rocking the world series between the giants and a's one part of the bay bridge buckled, 880 freeway flattened and marina district caught fire, it was 6.9, caused 63 deaths, more than 3700 injuries and left thousands in the bay area homeless. to commemorate the event san francisco is promoting tomorrow's great california shakeout, annual earthquake preparedness day. schools will have demonstrations of the drop, cover and hold on techniques.
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part of new england shaking off jitters this morning after rare quake there. it happened last night in maine, 20 miles west of portland the quake could be felt as far away as connecticut, no reports of injuries or damage. i still remember loma prieta, it was like just crossed the bay bridge an hour before when it started happening i was in the laundry room and detergents were falling off shelves, you never forget where you were. >> true. traffic and weather together, next. here's a live look outside now. you can see clear conditions, a little warmer today, cool down headed our way, meteorologist lisa argen will have your full forecast. sue hall will have your traffic. ahead, target is targeting you they want your business in holiday season the new promise the retailer is making. úd
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good morning. i'm lisa argen in for mike nicco. cooler conditions, clear skies and light winds, cloud cover well up into canada red flag warning on the westside of the delta, despite our warm temperatures here the breezy winds will be confined to higher elevations of the car nine -- carquinez strait and
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delta, 10° warmer today, 78 in the city, 90 concord, 86 san jose. so far, so good. problem by the -- san mateo east of the highrise the direction headlights are coming, i don't see much slowing i see activity with some sort of emergency vehicle headed westbound we'll follow this potential problem on the san mateo bridge. elsewhere west 580 before eden canyon stall blocking a lane southbound 880 near 16th, stall blocking there as well. target is offering price-matching for upcoming holiday shopping season. it will match prices from several competing sites, including amazon, best buy, toys "r" us and "babies r us" the announcement comes after best buy and toys "r" us say they plan on price matching an
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-- as well. crime rates in los angeles this past weekend the lowness months the police chief says the journey of the endeavour may have played a role, one million watched the shuttle as it crept along a 12 mile course from l.a.x. to the science center the chief says the it may have contributed to the calm times that fell obvious the city. your voice, your vote, president obama and mitt romney square off in their second presidential debate. >> we go live to long island for a live report.
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good morning. temperatures cooler this
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morning 58° downtown across the bay, also 58, after san jose light winds mechanism high pressure build to the north and east of us is what will bring a veryay, 70s coast, low to mi 90s inland. 6:14. president obama and mitt romney squared off again in their second presidential debate at times the discussion turned contentious. t.j. winick joins us live from new york with a look at some of the night's heated moments. >> reporter: good morning. many on both sides call this a great debate. the stakes could not have been higher that w obvious from e get-go. 45 seco into his first answer the president went after his opponent. >> the president: governor romney said let detroit go bankrupt. >> reporter: romney push pushed back. >> you took general motors,
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chrysler bankrupt when you say i wanted to take the auto industry bankrupt you did. >> reporter: that's wait was much of the night. >> have you looked at your pension? mr. president have you looked at your pension >> the president: i don't look at my pen sure it is not as big as yours. >> reporter: the republican challenger told president obama that the middle class has been crushed over past four years. >> what you are seeing in country is 23 million struggling to find a job the president's policies have been exercised over the last four years and haven't put americans back to work. >> reporter: it took more than an hour for the debate to turn to foreign policy once it did bitter argument over the handling of attack in libya. >> i want to make sure we get that for the record. it took the president 14 days before he called attack in benghazi an act of terror. >> the president: get the transcript. >> in fact, sir. let me call it --
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>> the president: can you say that louder candy. >> he did call it an act of terror. >> reporter: the president brought up the infamous 47% comment in his closing statement. >> the president: when he said behind closed doors that 47% of the country considered themselves victims, who refuse personal responsibility, think about who he was talking about. >> reporter: this was the only town hall style the next debate in florida will focus oreign policy. >> after the first debate the internet buzzed about big bird. this time it is buzzing about binders full of women. >> reporter: that's right. in reference to an answer that mitt romney gave to a question opportunities and equal pay for women, governor romney was talking about how when he was governor of massachusetts that he looked for women to fill cabinet posts. he said he went to women's
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groups to find qualified individuals and they sent him back binders full of women. probably an unfortunate choice of words he probably wishes he could take it back. i'm sure the romney campaign will ela it an unfortunate choice of words not what the president meant to objectify women. stay with abc 7 for continuing coverage. coming up at 7:00, george stephanopoulos will have interviews with vice president biden and congressman ryan with how their running mates did last night. the next debate next monday in florida with the focus on foreign that debate stars at 6 p.m.. you can watch it live here. >> i'm sure t.j. men the presidential hopeful -- meant the presidential hopeful romney didn't mean to
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objectify women. you are loving that and working that. good morning she is right, we are talking about a clear start, no fog, a little cool right now temperatures in the 50s live doppler 7 hd sweep on top of mount st. helena, quiet now. by monday, possibly sunday picking up returns, quick warm-up, quick cool-down then bring rain, all happening within the next seven days. 60 fairfield now, down to 50 in santa rosa, 59 in oakland, 56 san jose you need the jacket if you head out from 10° colder in santa rosa, 13 cooler this morning than questioned morning in livermore valley, 6° of cooling, clear and cool warm to hot next two days light offshore flow gusty winds we have side of the sacramento valley higher elevations humidity drops as temperatures rise due to breezy winds and the wind flowing from the land
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to the sea. the warmer air from the upper elevations with higher pressure pushing down on the atmosphere gets transported to our coat. right here is where the national weather service has issued a red flag warning north northeast winds up to 30 miles an hour. 87 campbell for later on today, 85 in palo alto. low to mid 70s, beautiful day at the beaches, 78 downtown in the north bay it got warm yesterday downsloping winds, 91 cloverdale, 82 oakland for the afternoon back up into the low 90s i should say another five degrees of warming, 90 pleasanton here upper 70s monterey, hollister 90, more warmth tomorrow very little change could be close to 80 in the city tomorrow cool down, 10 cooler friday. saturday a little cooler. sunday we struggle to reach
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low to mid 70s around the bay, slower clearing rain coming our way monday juicy storm system by tuesday, good ink of rain or more in some spots. it is tomorrow, abc 7 giving away $49,000. the winner will be announced here after the 49ers game. -- you can still enter through our facebook page. we want to know what you would do with $49,000? that's the question we are asking on our facebook page. frank h: bette seats for 9ers -- rebetter that wants to payoff her car and arrange family reunion for parents. sue hopefully a lighter commute.
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live to the san mateo bridge eastbound east of the highrise report of overturned center lane traffic light we saw emergency crews headed westbound in the median fire trucks westbound slowing on both directions of the san mateo bridge. chp says the passengers are out of that vehicle hopefully no major injuries eastbound. metering lights on at the bay bridge traffic backing towards west grand overcrossing little sluggish incline headed to san francisco. no delays on the golden gate bridge. san mateo bridge download this free app, san mateo bridge will be closed this weekend, you will navigate around that jam with --
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to download the free app. another couple gets the boot from dancing with the stars. she sings about single ladies and halos. huge primetime
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warm day around the bay cool start 78 later in the city, 91 in livermore, 86 in san jose, five degrees warmer than yesterday it will stick around one more day satellite and radar shows rain knocking on the door of st. louis right now in the low 60s, mostly cloudy skies, rain should happen there within the next hour or so, lasting for
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several hours not only thunderstorm potential but gusty winds up to 20, 25 miles an hour. who knows, could be a delay. >> we'll be watching that crossly. beyonce will headline the halftime show at the upcoming super the pop center star will perform february 3rd at the super dome in new orleans this will be her second super bowl appearance she performed the national anthem in 2004. vote is in, palin is out on "dancing with the stars" result show sent her back to alaska palin and her partner had the second lowest point total. voters favored kirstie alley. israeli inventor has
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unique lightweight bike it costs less than $20. the catch, it is made out of cord barred. he says the bike -- cord board. he says the bike is as strong as steel. he came up with the idea after somebody made a boat out of cardboard he throughout why not a bike. the wheels to the seat made out of cardboard. he believes it can change the world, especially in third world countries. hopes to be able to put his cardboard bike into producing within months. they have to figure out how to keep it waterproof. >> i guess he invented the disposable bike. still ahead, major setback for lance armstrong, the company announcing a short time ago it is terminating his endorsement deal. ers if, giants starting their -- first, giants
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starting their day in st. louis. new developments in a fight obvious proposed south bay chick-fil-a. -- boat is back home at pier 80 the work is just beginning for oracle team united states a their flagship 72 foot yacht is in pieces after a practice went awry yesterday afternoon. >> sue hall in the traffic center. live shot of the bay bridge toll, metering lights on big problem is eastbound san mateo bridge overturn blocking two lanes and alert in effect more
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good wednesday morning october 17th. live look on the embarcadero san francisco no traffic there the skies look clear on our way to very warm day. >> where are the cars? >> i don't know, sleeping in, getting ready for the giants game in afternoon. that's probably what it is. thanks for joining us, glad you are awake i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. first the forecast in the bay area. maybe getting thunderstorms there for the game. >> that's in st. louis with breezy wants the rain hasn't started yet it is on the way. clear skies, we drop to the mid 50s at our coast upper 50s throughout the morning 60s and 70s by noontime around high mid 70s at beaches around the bay once again cool in the 50s to start out, you will be in the mid to upper 70s to near 80 at noon and then by the
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afternoon, 3:00, 4:00, mid 80s staying warm through the early evening hours inland temperatures this morning are cool, grab the jacket, you should be past 80 in some areas by noon, low 90s today warming up another five to seven degrees keeping that warmth through the 7:00 hour. does it last? it going to cool quickly, i'll tell you when. good morning. back to the san mateo bridge we have a "sig alert" in effect eastbound the direction you see the headlights heading towards hayward with overturned vehicle two center lanes in the flat section not seeing major slow downs. they will try to get that out of there. westbound a little sluggish towards the highrise over towards ter city. elsewhere, 87 northbound hp pavillion in san jose, accident reported north 87 at kurtner. right now, team oracle is assessing the damage to its
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eight million dollar racing catamaran after it flipped over yesterday. katie marzullo is live at pier 80 with an update. >> reporter: i talked with the spokeswoman for oracle this morning. she tells me what they know is that the wing the fixed sail is in pieces. the team has to look at damage that was done to the hull and platforms and they can do that now that the yacht is back at pay 80. i was towed here after a wipeout in the bay yesterday -- it was towed here after a wipeout in the bay yesterday, strong wind part of the problem, also the massive 72 foot boat is strong and fast and hard to control. now oracle team united states a which is the current america's cup champion, is facing major set back for 2013. >> the fact that this boat will be out of action for a period of time is where the setback is.
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they won't be able to train, learn, make the boat go faster. >> reporter: this is home video captured from a woman she said she has never seen a boat capsize so disastrously. that yacht is worth between 8 and 10 million dollars. the team says they are just glad nobody was hurt. katie marzullo, abc7 news. the city of oakland may be willing to turnover control of major unit of its police department to avoid a full federal takeover. the council heard a plan that calls for control of the internal affairs v to be turned over to outside receiver. the division is responsible for investigating allegations of officer misconduct this stems from reforms the department was ordered to perform more than a decade ago. also, three carjacking suspects in custody after a police chase through antioch
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and pittsburg last night it ended when the suspects crashed into a tree in pittsburg. investigators say it started 11 p.m. when a woman was carjacked after leaving a celia's restaurant in antioch. for the second time in less than a week amtrak has struck a vehicle. the people in the vehicle managed to get out before the train hit, no one on the train was injured. the same thing happened friday less than a mile north on the same tracks. in a few hours coalition of cities and watchdog groups will file formal letter of protest against what they are calling a backroom deal in the settlement over the san bruno explosion. monday the state public utilities commission appointed george mitchell to settle talks. the cities of san bruno, san francisco and local consumer group say the puc chose mitchell without input from anyone involved except
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pg&e. the sides have not been able to reach agreement on how much the utilities should pay in fines. funeral will take place for former lt. governor who died sunday at the age of 86. today's funeral will take place in the los angeles area. governor brown, attorney general kamala harris and other state leaders are expected to attend. san francisco is a finalist who host the super bowl in 2016 or 17. the pitch is to play at the new 9er stadium in santa clara most of the big events that week would take place in san francisco. nfl owners will award the super bowl to either san francisco or south florida. the loser of that contest will go up against houston for the 2017 super bowl. owners will pick host cities next may. abc 7 will carry the 49ers game against seattle, live
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tomorrow. here is our thursday line-up: 4:00 hourlong pregame show featuring jerry rice and brent jones. game time 5:00. 9ers host seahawks. followed by special edition of after the game we'll give away $49,000 to someone who likes us on our facebook page. to baseball. good news for giants and fans looks as though scutaro will be able to play in this afternoon's game three of the national league championship series if they can get it in with the rain. yesterday scutaro took springs and batting practice. money -- monday night scutaro was tan out by holliday on this slide. he suffered a strained left hip and sore left knee. first pitch today 1:07 p.m. our time, cain will start for the giants. obviously, they will make a decision when game time comes. we'll talk more to lisa about
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that. traffic and weather will be next together on the abc7 morning news. >> live look outside right now you can see both sides of the bay going to be a great morning if you like it warm in the bay area, meteorologist lisa argen will have your full weather forecast also your commute big problem on the san mateo bridge with sue hall. >> the decision in the south bay that will force people looking for chick-fil-a to i moved to new york to work in fashion.
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good morning you are looking at the about temperatures in oakland 59, downtown 58, 56 in san jose. a warm afternoon today upper 70s downtown and much warmer inland east bay offshore flow not going to see gusty winds
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here not too far away westside of the sacramento valley, details coming up. good among. "sig alert" for the eastbound direction of the san mateo bridge this is a live shot past the scene what happened is car flipped over and was blocking a couple of lanes tow truck on scene. you will find traffic backing on to the highrise eastbound of san mateo bridge. westbound still bunched up headed towards foster city past the scene of that accident. if you are headed out now dry times, just 20 minutes eastbound san mateo bridge to 880, 580 off the altamont pass there's your drive on east shore freeway, carquinez bridge into the maze jut over 25 minutes. -- just over 25 minutes. mountain view preventing chick-fil-a from opening in the city in a decision last night the council overturned a decision to allow the chain to set up shop on el camino real.
6:41 am
the council said the space was too small for the drive-thru restaurant. the chain is in the process of opening several locations in the bay area. the restaurants have site of protest over their support of anti-gay groups. reward for a stolen puppy. spca says the 10 week older -- 10 week old terrier mix disappear. still ahead live to jane king at the new york stock exchange for update on stocks. lance armstrong tries to limit damage from the doping scandal. major company
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>> good morning i'm lisa argen in for mike nicco many welcome to wednesday, offshore flow, winds out of the northeast 10 to 15 miles an hour over the higher elevations over east bay going to warm us up to 90 in concord, 78 and sunny, light breeze in the city across the state red flag warning in sacramento westside of the delta, carquinez strait where winds could gust to 30 miles an hour, humidity drops to as low as 5 to 10% so be careful out there. time to check in with josh elliot for a look at what is coming up on "good morning america". great to be with us everybody in the bay area. we will be returning to long island the scene of that contentious debate at hofstra university last night between president obama and governor
6:45 am
romney. the second of three. it is fair to say it was contentious and how. you see the men at times really -- we are going to have all the highlights. we'll be speaking to vice president biden and paul ryan to get their takes on the showdown. also, we are going to california there's a murder plot that you have to hear to believe. young actress found dead in her home and mysterious femme fatale charged with her murder they are calling her the female james bond we'll explain. the young fellas are out in force and looking fly in studio today, little boys dressing in style, the latest on this trend and bristol palin voted out of ballroom last night she will discuss j3 questions on twit they are j3 morning, i am wearing this tie
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in support of the american cancer society, breast cancer awareness month. i know you will be watching the 9ers there tomorrow night, all the pink you see players wearing all month long in support of a great cause. we'll be discussing it later in the program. it is next, right here on "good morning america." let's turn now to something grimmer. we have news this morning out of denver where police are at the scene of a multiple murder scene where they pulled the bodies of five people from a bar that had been set on fire. crews discovered the bodies inside while fighting the blaze. denver police state bodies had signs of trauma and they believe the fire was set to cover-up the murders. new this morning, nike terminating its relationship with former champion cyclist lance armstrong over doping allegations. the company jut released this statement saying:
6:47 am
due to the seemingly insurmountable evidence that lance armstrong participated in doping and misled nike more than a decade it is with great sadness we've terminated our contract with him. this follows another major development. armstrong said he would step down as chairman of livestrong charity to limit damage from the report. u.s. anti-doping agency released finding froms -- findings from an investigation last week. homes in two bay area cities so expensive on new top few list of priciest zip codes atherton number three, nearly 4.9 million dollars. hillsborough, 4.1 million dollars the most expensive zip code in the country manhattan around central park area 6.1 million dollars.
6:48 am
let's see if you get what you pay for weather-wise. >> that's free. >> i know. that's why we all pay this high rent it is beautiful out there right now, a little cool, winds are light, skies are clear and the sun comes up, officially 7:21 setting at:29. 11 hours and 8 minutes of -- at 6:29. 11 hours and 8 minutes on our way to a gorgeous day winds not that gusty we don't have a red flag warning we have an elevated fire risk because of the offshore flow, breezy in higher elevations. doppler clear, we have a threat of rain coming our way too in the seven day outlook. you have to stay tuned for that. 58 fremont as well as san francisco. good morning fairfeld, 60, 50 in santa rosa, cooler out there this morning than it was yesterday morning. as much as 9° cooler in concord. livermore valley and antioch 6° cooler with 10 of cooling
6:49 am
santa rosa 13° of cooling half moon bay right now winds are light, up above 900 feet, 1,000 feet and the winds are beginning to veer northeast and they are at about 15 to 20 miles an hour that is going to dry out the atmosphere warm temperatures quickly, going to be hot inland the pattern changes as soon as friday this is a two-day event high pressure built into the north of us. as the day progresses we'll see the winds pick up, especially to the east of us. that warmer air in higher higher -- compressed with this higher pressure cell that continues to push warm air to the surface and allow beaches to warm to the mid 70s. 76 half moon bay warmer today with as much as five to eight degrees of warming the city 78 there, 82 across the bay oakland 91 livermore monterey bay getting warmer and santa cruz 89 there, 90
6:50 am
hollister if you like this weather it continues tomorrow, sea breeze kicks up friday. only 60s at our coast sunday. rain monday and tuesday first significant storm of the season. san mateo bridge, eastbound "sig alert" you can see it has affected westbound now bumper-to-bumper from hayward towards ter city. overturn only one lane getting -- by eastbound tow truck on scene traffic backing up towards foster city area eastbound. dumbarton bridge good alternate headed eastbound and/or westbound 87 north through san jose past hp pavillion accident north at kurtner on highway 87, significant slowing past the scene less than 15 miles an hour, 85 northbound highway 87 accident there.
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the abc 7 waze app you are looking at highway 92, san mateo bumper-to-bumper eastbound and westbound. download this free app to navigate around waze. new problems in the silicon valley chip-making business. >> you may notice construction in your neighborhood. jane king is live to tell us more. good morning. naysing numbers about how things -- about housing, more evidence that housing has turned a corner, new home construction, housing starts in september jumping more than expected, highest level in four years, building permits climbed more than 11%. probably not the same optimism at intel. shares are lower this morning lower than expected profits that reflects weakness in the consumer and business pc market muted open today lower
6:52 am
across the board, bank of america reported third quarter profits 95% on litigation expenses and accounting changes bloomberg index also lower. shares of apple gained yesterday on news about that october 23rd, event. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. 6:52. five things to know before you go including the oracle yacht after it capsized. >> aç?x?xpcs6$ú
6:53 am
good morning. 6:53. you can see sunrise starting in the east what is it going to mean weather wise later today? we'll check in with lisa argen to find out. sue will have the latest
6:54 am
traffic updates. right now here are five things to know before you go: number one oracle's sailing team will try to determine how to repair its catamaran after it capsized yesterday. >> : -- >> number two, two men and woman injured and arrested this morning after authorities say a carjacking triggered a police chase through antioch and pittsburg last night. suspect crash add into a tree -- crashed into a tree. number three, northern californians remembering, marking the earthquake on the 23rd anniversary during the bay bridge world series giants and a's. we could not forget that on october 17th, 1989, the 6.9 quake rock the bay. you saw the structure collapsing.
6:55 am
deaths of 63 people. number four, rough day for former champion cyclist lance armstrong stemming from last week's doping allegations. this morning he announced he will step down as chairman for his livestrong charity. nike will end its contract with armstrong. >> number five, it appears scutaro will play in this afternoon's game three at the national league championship series in st. louis. monday night he was injured by matt holliday on a slide. scutaro suffered strained left hip. thunderstorms in the forecast, could potentially cause delays. mover on the weather here's lisa argen. looks pretty -- out there, cooler than what we've experienced yesterday. doppler quiet, you want to stay tunedded in the next five days, active -- weather, we are talking about rain headed our way, today the opposite, 59 oakland, 57 redwood city as
6:56 am
you head out cooler than yesterday, afternoon upper 60s to mid 70s at the shoreline, sunny skies, low to mid 80s around the bay and inland we are in the low 90s, repeat performance through tomorrow. bay bridge toll metering lights on traffic backed towards the macarthur maze bumper-to-bumper sluggish upper deck into san francisco. hot spot is the san mateo bridge eastbound where we still have "sig alert", looks like there that is past the scene westbound tail lights you see there, just bumper-to-bumper they have a tow truck on scene eastbound overturned vehicle chp has a seulg alert issued dumbarton bridge good alternate waze app shows slow traffic on the san mateo bridge dumbarton looking good. san mateo bridge will be closed this weekend for
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retrofiting. you want this app, thank you for join us for this edition of the abc7 morning news. >> san mateo bridge closed this weekend andweekend. perfect time to download our new alarm clock app for your iphone you can wake to latest traffic, weather and news headlines on your phone. headlines on your phone. >> thanks for joining us.
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